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I Create

My mission through EmmaBelle is to encourage the devoted woman to reignite her flame of self love and let her inner light shine through by allowing herself a moment of peace to reconnect with her well-being.


By lighting a candle, a moment of comfort is created under a soft and enveloping aromatic atmosphere, conducive to relaxation.


After my own struggles with depression, I found that creating a relaxed space spiritually, mentally and physically were crucial to finding my light once again.

I am

My name is Melissa and I am the owner and creator of EmmaBelle.

I am the mother of 2 beautiful children and spouse to a loving husband and father. My family is my stone and they are my most loyal fans.

I love everything related to self-care, yoga, aromatherapy, creating time for myself and making people happy.


I'm also a huge fan of pop culture (some would say a geek), so don't be surprised to find references on the website or in future product lines!



Interested in learning more about my journey?

Read up on my interview with GoSolo and discover how to turn your ''one day'' into day one.


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