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Rock in Sand

Core Values

Social Engagement

What I love most of all is helping people around me and seeing them happy. When I started creating candles, it allowed me to find inner peace and balance through some hard days but it also helped be present for my mom and brother-in-law who were struggling with cancer.

At that time, I had no emotional support to give so I created a fundraiser to help them in a financial way.

Today, I feel that giving back to people in need is a part of what I need to share and what better way to show this than by supporting three charities that have a special place in my heart: Canadian Mental Health Association, Quebec's Breast Cancer Foundation and the Véro & Louis Foundation for Autism.

$2.00 CAD per Custom candle will go directly to the non-profit organization you select at the time of creating your candle.

Paper (2).jpg

Mélanie Foster x EmmaBelle

In collaboration with Mélanie Foster, illustration artist, it is my great pleasure to offer you a unique way to illustrate your support to the causes supported by EmmaBelle.

With every candle order, you will receive an artwork handrawn by Mélanie. 3 different designs were created, each one representing one of the charities EmmaBelle supports. 

Printed on a beautiful mat paper, the cards measure 4'' x 6'', making them perfect to insert in any small picture frame.

A meaningful way to illustrate your support!


This magnificent deer is loosing some of its beautiful flower petals but, even through this hard time, he still remains a deer; a worthy and majestic being.


Even with it's falling petals, the deer is still beautiful and mighty.


A beautiful flower arrangement symbolizing encouragement and hope held by a woman at peace.


A poignant reminder for all women who are undergoing treatments, have overcame the disease as well as for those who have lost their battle.

Breast Cancer


When the hold of earthly restraints gets too tight, this winged creature can lift us in the sky and set us free.

Let this owl's soft yet piercing gaze surround you with love, courage and protection.



I truly believe that it is our moral duty as a company to do what we can to help make a difference in reducing the environmental foot print we leave behind. 

Starting with ethically sourced and renewable ingredients, all the way to our recycled and biodegradable packaging, we strive to protect and respect the envrionment.


Allowing you to do the same, without neglecting your love for candles.

eco enclose.png


Ethical &

My candles are crafted with the utmost care and respect - for myself, for my customers, for the environment and for animals.

Say goodbye to toxic ingredients and artifical dyes and hello to vegan and cruelty-free certified ingredients.

Finally, a candle you can be proud to display in your home without the worry of harmful ingredients and the knowledge that you are respecting all lifeform.​​

with Care

Every candle is hand-poured by yours truly in the comfort of my little shop, aka my home!


When you place a custom order, I take the time to truly create your candle to make sure it's as unique as you.

For candles that are ready-to-go, I use a small batch pouring method allowing me to focus on the quality of each pour. These candles may not be tailor-made for you but I assure you that they have the same love and attention poured into them everytime.

Socially Engaged
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