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Burn & Grow

We wanted to offer a unique way to repurpose our beautiful candle vessels so we figured we would offer 2 products in 1.

Our Burn & Grow initiative allows you to enjoy the delightful aroma of our candles but, once they are finished burning, gives you the opportunity to turn them into beautiful flowers and enjoy a different type of aroma.


When you receive your order, you will find a unique flower shape made out of an eco-friendly paper embedded with seeds. This special paper is designed to grow a variety of wild flowers once it's planted, leaving absolutely no waste behind!




  • preheat the oven to 280°

  • line a baking sheet with aluminum paper

  • place finished candle jar upside down 

  • place in the oven for 15 minutes

  • remove from the oven and carefully wipe down the jar with paper towel 

    • ATTENTION - the jar will be hot, handle with care.​

  • wash with hot soapy water and dry out



  • fill the glass jar 2/3 full with potting soil

  • tamp down the soil so it's firmly full but not packed

  • add the plantable seed paper

  • spread a 1/8 inch layer of soil over the plantable seed paper and tamp down gently on top

Trowel and Soil
Watering the Garden



  • water your newly planted paper

  • the paper and soil should be damp but not swimming in water

  • keep the paper moist at all times during the first 10 days



  • place your jar in a sunny spot

  • once sprouts appear, continue to keep the paper moist but be careful not to overwater

  • once sturdy plants appear, water as needed

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